February 27, 2014

She Must Drink!

You guys must think I'm insane or that I drink heavily.

I haven't posted, or done anything, related to the Artply house in more than a year.

Excuses, Excuses

I do have a good reason for my inaction, though. My real-life house suffered multiple incidents of water damage last spring. I lived in a hotel for the entire summer with my husband, kids, and that thing they insist is a dog!  It was grueling waiting for our insurance company to NOT fix our house. There's more to that story, but I won't bore you. 

We're back home now, and none of my minis were destroyed…

But life kept getting in the way. My teen kid  applying to college, teen kid also hosting French and Argentinian exchange student. Tween kid deciding to do football, baseball, and basketball all at the same time! AAarrghh!?#&^!

Good news, though…I'm ready, seriously ready to rock and roll that house now! No lie!

So stay tuned. Seriously! The mini remodeling crew comes tomorrow (oh, that would be me, right.)

Meanwhile, here are photos of some gifts I just finished. I created two small room boxes for my son's cub scout troop leaders, and now I can actually focus on the Artply house. I keep saying I'm not going to create another mini gift until I finish my own personal projects. 

A Call to Action:

Guys, I need help figuring out how to approach the Artply Highlander's exterior. It's unfinished, and I don't know if I need siding or what? I can't find anything here in Atlanta that looks remotely like the Highlander, so I have no where to start, really. Help me out, please.