February 6, 2013

Happy to Have the Artply Highland

Hey, friends!

I'm happy to report that last Saturday night, I drove to Jacksonville, FL to pick up the Artply Highland house. I learned about the house from Call of the Small's fabulous blog. She graciously connected me with Lori, the original owner of the house.

Since I had to drive my daughter to a nearby college fair last weekend, Lori let me swing by her place and pick up her childhood dollhouse. I am so grateful.

Lori, you're the best. Thanks for holding this house for me for more than a month while I got my travel plans together. I will be certain to post lost of pictures as I update the house...but not on Sundays (as you know, we both will be watching Downton Abbey then).

This house is far cooler than my photos suggest. It has big roomy rooms and a nice garage. It reminds me of a Hollywood screenwriter friend's house who lived in the hills not far from the famous Hollywood sign.

I'll have to do some research to figure out how to spruce up the outside, but I am eager to begin remodeling inside. It'll be loads of fun.

Here's the rare and super-cool Artply Highland relocated from Florida.