January 29, 2013

Fun with Flooring

I was hoping to craft my own hardwood floor from popsicle sticks, but that didn't work out well for me. Despite the many tutorials online about making your own floor this way, I wasn't happy with my results.

So I purchased floor from Hobby Builder's Supply. I used the Red Oak Random Flooring by Houseworks. Then I stained it with Minwax Express Color in Walnut. I love this stain because it's water based and has virtually no scary chemical odor. But I wasn't happy with the tone I'd chosen. It was more brown than black. And I wanted a rich espresso tint.

I was about to run back to Lowe's for the Onyx version of the Minwax product, but then I realized I was out of cash for the day.

So I just made a gray wash to deepen the floor color. I took black acrylic paint and added water. Then I lightly went over the freshly stained Walnut floors. And to my surprise, it worked! I was so happy...finally!

Here's the Red Oak floor pictured here on the second story.
The room in the background will be the bathroom, which I will do in a funky tile. 

Here's the floor with the Walnut stain. Too brown for me.

Here is the floor after I applied a gray wash with black paint and water. It looks like molasses. I can see where part of the floor swelled because of the water. I think I can repair that by laying heavy books on the floor until it lays flat again.

I also glued the floors to matte board rather than gluing it directly to the base of my house. If I ever want to change the floors for some reason, it will be easier to just slide out the matte board topped with the wood flooring. I learned about this trick through the Small Stuff Digest.

My Artply House
On Friday, I'll be driving down to neighboring Florida to pick up a hard-to-find Artply Highland dollhouse that I learned about via Call of the Small. I'm so happy to be acquiring this contemporary house. I've never owned anything as unique as this, so I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks, Call-Small, for announcing that this house was for sale!


  1. The detail of using real flooring and finishing it is absolutely priceless. It really adds to the authenticity of this little house. Very creative!

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Thank you for your comment. I love hearing from other miniaturists. That always brightens my day!