March 15, 2012

I'll Take the Stairs

Friends, it's been a long time since my last post. I have been deep in life-size house remodeling stuff and was thoroughly depressed (which I am prone to) after seeing the estimate.

So one of the best ways I know to deal with blues is to work on my dollhouse.

I went to Ernie's Attic today and got a few deals. 

My favorite bargain of the day: a bunch of assembled stairs, each .25...that's 25 cents! The house I'm working on (formerly known as The Valencia) needs stairs, but not the traditional kind. I am hoping a few of these will work with some kind of landing that I'll have to try to construct.

These stairs were 25 cents each. I'll try to use these in The NorthPark house.
If I can't use them, I'll give them away.

I also picked up the MiniTown Loft. It was $9.99, but it's missing a part. I don't know which part, but I'll soon find out. I was thinking of using pieces of it anyway to add on to The NorthPark house. If not, I'll just do a funky modern loft myself.

Here's the MiniTown Loft I got from Ernie's Attic for $9.99!

This is what the loft could look like.
Here's how Builders Supply
 finished the loft. I love it!

Oh, yeah. I am changing the name of The Valencia house to Northpark...a neighborhood near where I lived in Valencia, California. This house looks more like the homes in Northpark rather than what one would think the name Valencia implies.

I have an hour before I have to pick up the kids from I'll play for a few minutes.