April 19, 2012

Wish You Were Here

After nearly 20 years, I've finally made it to Tom Bishop's Chicago International--one of the largest dollhouse and miniature shows in the world. I got here on Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday, I took part in an exquisite doll making class fro LilyElf Miniatures. It was wonderful!

Today, although I'm not signed up for a class, I am peeking in on some of the other workshops. Some of these workshops cost several hundred dollars to join. Most of the expensive classes last for two to four days! It's mind-blowing.

My new friend Nancy is finishing up a doll made in our workshop. She's adding curly hair to this little girl. My doll still needs some work, but I'll post her photo soon.

This little lady is baking in her cottage kitchen, built by artisan Teresa Layman. 

Tomorrow begins the preview sale at the Show, and I'll be one of hundreds of miniature collectors waiting in line to get in. I can hardly wait. Right now, I'm going to make a list of my miniature must-haves.