February 1, 2012

Measure Twice, Cut Once...Yeah, Right

With just three days left to complete the Auction House, I don't have time for re-doing anything. To help speed things up, I pulled this tool out of my sewing/ knitting supplies. It's a gauge that I've used to secure an even hemline for the occasional home crafted garment. I used it here to make the judges paneling for the Auction House dining room. I think it's turning out all right.

And I also was forced to paint the paper I want to use for the ceiling. I could only find this paper in brown at Hobby Lobby, but I needed it in white. So I layered on the paint, letting it dry each time. This took all day long.

I'm running out of time and feeling the pressure. My husband told me to relax and that "it's only an auction, remember. And plus, you're giving this house away." Thank goodness he didn't say, "it's just a dollhouse." I would have ended up in tears.

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