February 15, 2012

Got 'er Done! The Auction House is Finished!

Here are photos of the final Auction House.
Many of the items are scrapbooking supplies (thanks, Rochelle)
that I purchased at Archiver's, where I used to work.
Tomorrow, I'll list the scrapbooking supplies I used on this house,
such as the picture hanging above the leather sofa.

Whew! I will never, ever try building a dollhouse with an extension, a garage, and electrification for an auction with less than three weeks to complete it again! I had just over two weeks to complete this entire project. What was I thinking? What was my motivation? Yes, I wanted to help raise money for the teachers' wish lists at school, but part of me thinks I wanted a challenge. Part of me thinks I wanted some positive feedback from admirers at the school. Part of me wanted to feel special, beyond my ordinary life of dropping the kids to school, feeding the dog, cleaning the house, etc., picking up the kids from school. And never, ever finishing anything that I start!

Anyway, after late nights and early mornings, take-out food, and begging my teenager to help her younger brother with his homework, I finally finished!

The house was a hit at the auction, although it didn't go for as much as I thought it should have. Oh, well, at least I get to write off all of my costs on my taxes!

I made the window treatment in the hallway from part of a fat quarter.
The pillows on the bed of the master bedroom are part
of the Houseworks Metro Bed.
 And that cute denim jacket in the girl's bedroom
is a Jolee's scrapbooking embellishment. 

My sweet hubby, who paid for all of this, said not to beat myself up for going to all this effort. He told me to consider the newly acquired skills I garnered while working on this house. Those skills included finally learning to hardwire (thanks, Brea at Otterine), and finally learning (after 20 years) to miter crown moulding. I broke out a book that I bought in the late 80s to help me with this. I will do a tutorial on it for folks like me who had the information right in front of me but who failed to read the directions!

Dear sweet hubby also said this: "And ask yourself," he said, "did you have fun?" Well, yes, honey. I did. I really did!

Please comment and let me know your thoughts. Have you used scrapbooking supplies in creating your minis? If so, do tell. Which ones and in what way. Thanks!

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  1. My first thought reading that your house sold for less than you had hoped was that someone like me with a love of "dollhouses" but not much money got themselves the buy of their life. Don't be sad, I am sure your house is going to be very loved. :D


Thank you for your comment. I love hearing from other miniaturists. That always brightens my day!