February 6, 2012

Fast Forward to the Finish

The school auction took place on Saturday, and yes, I finished the house in time! The winner of the auction agreed to let me hand deliver the finished house to her next week. That'll give me time to touch up a few things that I felt needed more time (that I hadn't had).

Anyway, here's a recap of the last few days of work I put into the Auction House. By the way, the house went for $475. The proceeds will help purchase items on the school's teacher wish lists.

This is uncanny, but while working on the dollhouse garage, I was also having my real-life garage repaired at the same time! My Auction dollhouse garage door was giving me a fit. I'd purchased the partially assembled garage kit from Ernie's Attic. While the dollhouse garage kit cost $10, the real-life garage repair cost $200! Gag!

The door was in good shape, but needed a little tweaking to make it roll within the tracks properly. I was also having difficulty securing the hinges of each set of garage doors. After an hour, I gave up and just used my own dollhouse garage for the Auction House, which I assembled 10 years ago. I'll work on the other door later when I finish my own dollhouse. I had my full-size garage guy, Barry, hold up a photo of the little garage.Thanks, Barry!

My life-size garage repairman holding my dollhouse garage kit.

I was running out of time and roofing tiles by Thursday, two days before the big day. I had only one package of asphalt tiles on hand. I called Hobby Lobby, Hobby Town, and double-checked my stash. There were no black asphalt tiles to be had. I called my local miniatures store--Miniature Designs--which is a 45-minute drive from my house. They had tiles, but only in brown. I'd read online that Joanne of Joanne's Minis had spray painted some tiles, and they turned out fine. She handmade hers using sand paper. But the technique for painting would be the same on my tile strips. I was happy to see that it worked! Thanks, Joanne!

Tiles go from brown to black with a little spray paint.

Using my sewing and knitting gauge to install the roof tile.
No time to draw lines on the MDF to mark the placement of the tile strips.

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