February 27, 2012

Even on the Worst Days

Today was my day to help our cub scout leader chaperone our scouts on a trip to the Marietta Museum of History. I was in charge of snacks and driving 5 of the 12 boys (all age 9). I thought it'd be a challenging afternoon with all those boys and noise. I was bracing myself.

And then there was a happy surprise for me...

While the docent of the museum gave the boys a tour of the military collections, I wandered down the wrong hallway. I stumbled upon a huge 1/12-scale victorian dollhouse that was donated by the Weitzel family. Seems the Weitzels were an elderly couple who began collecting miniatures upon their retirement. When they passed away, family members discovered that the dollhouse had been willed to the museum.

It was difficult for me to photograph the entire house because it's encased in glass. Here is just one of the rooms on the second floor. The docent said the museum curators had to disassemble parts of the house in order to get it out of the donor's hobby room and then lift it out of a second story window. This thing is huge! There are maybe five front-opening porches such as this one attached to this house.

A peak at the top of the staircase onto the second floor and a look inside one of the rooms.

Here's another view of this three-story victorian dollhouse.
The museum docent says that there's is another part
of the house that isn't displayed yet. They haven't figured out
how to attach it to the rest of the house.
This house has front-opening porches. 
I'll visit the museum again soon for more pictures.

The most wonderful thing of all is that when I told the museum docent that I am a miniatures collector, she was delighted. She was even more thrilled when I told her I'd volunteer to clean up the house and make the necessary repairs. The house is in moderate disrepair, and some of the miniature items have fallen in-between the glass display case.

It'll be fun to help bring this house back to its formal glory.

The other happy surprise today involved a trip to the Goodwill Store. I found things for my real-life size house).

This chair and ottoman cost a total of $20! I know where I can purchase
really nice discounted fabric to give it a fresh look.

These floor tiles were only $10 per box. I purchased two
from Goodwill. I will be making an area rug
to cover my son's hardwood bedroom floor.


  1. Wow, that is a great thank you for toting around five 9-yr-old boys. I love when people donate their houses to places like this where so many others can enjoy them. Very cool.
    Great find on the chair and the Flor carpet squares, what a deal!

  2. I think I might have purchased the same type house! Do you possibly know the age of that house? If I send you some pictures of the house I have could you help me with a year possibly maker?


Thank you for your comment. I love hearing from other miniaturists. That always brightens my day!