February 16, 2012

Before We Begin Again

Someone asked me yesterday if I'd be working on another dollhouse project soon. The answer is yes; however, I have a real-life sized house to work on in the next few weeks. I'll just work on the next dollhouse on the weekends to de-stress from what will likely be real-house remodeling drama.

My life in the last 15 years has been nothing but house madness. I'll post a link soon to that whole story. It's enough to say here that in the full-scale house I live in now, we'll be putting in four new bathrooms, a new kitchen, and a lot of other stuff I can't get my head around right now. Oh, yeah, replacement of the furniture that Max (the thing my kids claim is a dog) ate whole.

Today was a wonderful day, though. I went on a field trip to the flooring store with my contractor and tile installer. The designer there, Kathy, was wonderful in helping me not become overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed enough with just choosing wallpaper for the Auction House.

Anyway, this is some of what we came up with. And on top of that, Kathy gave me a sample of something I can use in my next miniature project. It's a sample of some new type of grout, that's got a shimmer to it, that we're going to use in the kids' bathroom. I'm thinking this could be some kind of funky ceiling light in miniature or a table base. Any ideas?

Malcolm takes time out from his homework to hold this sample for Mommy. 

Max the dog, who eats sofas and love seats whole! Great source of fiber.

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