February 14, 2012

Be My Little Valentine

The "Love" box was made from card stock and scrapbook stickers.

I won the flower arrangement more than 20 years ago at my first doll house show. 

 Since I was able to buy some extra time to finish off the Auction House, I decided to make some things for Valentine's Day. The woman who purchased the house at the school's auction wanted to give her daughter this house as a Valentine's Day gift. Unfortunately, she failed to give me her address so I couldn't deliver the house today...which is, uh, Valentine's Day. Anyway, I decided to make some Valentine's Day-themed items for the house. I'll be glad to finally deliver this house tomorrow. Then I can finish off my hubby's mini comic book store and begin work on my own doll house.

I created the candy box from scrapbook stickers. I also created a banner that the man of this little house created (out of scrapbook stickers) and hung up in the living room for his unsuspecting sweetheart.

I got these stickers from Hobby Lobby yesterday.

 I added scrapbook twine to make a Valentine's Day banner. 

The man of this mini house (let's call him Jack) made a banner of hearts
from scrapbook stickers for his wife. Yes, the hearts are
upside down, but at least he tried.

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