January 26, 2012

Moving Right Along

Sadly, I lost almost two days of working on the Auction House. My son was home sick from school for a day and half and we had to work on his third-grade Rain Forest project. So rather than working on the addition to the house that arrived super fast (thank you, Sasha, at Miniatures.com), I was gluing leaves and ants to Malcolm's poster.

But now I'm back in the swing of things. I put the addition together, which will be the family's kitchen. I also hung one ceiling fan in the master bedroom.

This is part of the kitchen set I purchased for a deep discount. I have another one like 
it that has an oak finish. I bought that one 15 years ago at twice the price I paid for this new one.

I'll try to "catch up" today, but I only have a half day to work on everything. My real-life sized interior designer is coming to my house today to show me drawings for the master bathroom remodel. More about that later.

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