January 27, 2012

Let There Be Light

Today was crazy! I was attempting to advance on the Auction House and focus on completing the light fixture installation. I was getting so frustrated with two aspects of hard wiring--a) elongating my wire so it would extend from the second story to the base of the house and b) reinserting the prongs of the male plug so it can be plugged into the circuit strip.

After numerous attempts to fuse the wires with those teeny, tiny clear shrink tubes, I gave up. Nor could I reattach the brass prongs. I was so frustrated. Then I thought to email Mini-friend Brae from Otterine.com. She talked me off the ledge. Thanks, Brae!

I used needle nose pliers that she recommended, plus another tool I bought at a show years ago. I'd honestly forgotten what I'd bought it for. But more than that, she encouraged me to exercise a little patience...

And it worked! Wow! I kept "plugging" at it, and finally, I was able to get those wires into the male plug and re-fit the prongs!

Hobbies can be a metaphor for life, I suppose. Keep trying, keep plugging along. Things do work out.

My first light fixture works in the Auction House!

The circuit strip.

These odd thing, perhaps a dental tool, helped me stuff the copper wires back into the male
plugs before reinserting the prongs!


  1. I love my bent tweezers, too! :D Congrats on the working light fixture! You are on your way now!

  2. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you. I just wired yet another lamp! Butter my bottom, I'm on a roll!


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