January 23, 2012

Floored by These Bargains

I'm about to cut, stain, and then install the hardwood flooring in my auction house. Even though the Vermont Junior Farmhouse has hardwood flooring, it doesn't resemble the staggered plank layout of a real hardwood floor. I was concerned that I'd go over budget by buying hardwood flooring for the project, but I got really lucky. Last Thursday and Friday, I visited Ernie's Attic at Hobby Builder's Supply. They are the company behind Miniatures.com. I am SO lucky to live only about 30 minutes away from the company. Turns out, twice a month, they open their doors for miniaturists to come and by scratch-and-dent stuff. It was my first time ever visiting the warehouse. I found most of the things I need for the auction house at a deep discount with only minor, minor issues. I purchased the flooring for...no kidding...50 cents per sheet! I know, I know...shut up! If you're ever in the Atlanta, GA area, check out Ernie's Attic. Too awesome for more words!

I will stain these floors a deep, dark color. I like Minwax's Express Color water-based stain.
 It doesn't stick like most other stains I've used. 

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